Friday, 20 May 2011

tpsvrinit() failed: Error starting minimum number of handlers

Unable to start application server and TUX Log shows below jolt error 1008

JSH.1663138.1.-2: JOLT_CAT:1030: "INFO: Jolt Handler joining application" !JSH.1663138.1.-2: INFO: JOLT Handler version-BEA Jolt 9.1 !JSH.1663138.1.-2: JOLT_CAT:1008: "ERROR: Could not establish listening address on network 0x000223f1a51a9750" JSL.557108.1.0: JOLT_CAT:1079: "ERROR: Error starting mininum number of handlers" JSL.557108.1.0: LIBTUX_CAT:250: ERROR: tpsvrinit() failed

It happened after I recreated a domain configuration of which was messed up. After creating new domain when I started the application server in parallel boot all processes came up except JSL.
In the Tux Log when I saw this error my eyes got struck at this line.
JSL.557108.1.0: JOLT_CAT:1079: "ERROR: Error starting mininum number of handlers"

I opened the configuration file and checked the Min /Max number of Handlers which were 9 and 12 respectively. I wondered that as these settings were default for the domain type then why it isn't able to start JSL with minimum handlers. I changed the settings for min and max numbers of handlers and tried to start the appserver but nothing worked out. Finally I decided to change the JSL port and once I changed the JSL port my appserver booted up perfectly.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks!!! for the tip, after changing JSL port, appserver booted up perfectly and we need to change the in webserver also.


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