Monday, 2 February 2009

Changing Password of PTWEBSERVER

Change the password of the user PTWEBSERVER, if used to create Peoplesoft website.


There are 2 places that changes need to be made

Step 1:
PTWEBSERVER is a user id in the user profile, so you can change the
password by opening the user profile for PTWEBSERVER by navigating to
Peopletools -> Security -> User Profiles

Step 2 :
Once you change the password, you have to run run the PSCipher script
located in ($PSHOME\webserv\)

On a UNIX machine, change the script file permissions so you
can execute it.

Execute the script file with your password as an argument, for example:


The utility returns the encrypted password as a string; for example:

Copy the encrypted string and paste it into the
file, for example:


After you save the file, restart your web
server and the new profile takes effect.

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