Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Changing Access Password

Below are the methods to change the access password in a PeopleSoft Application

Method 1 : Login into Data Mover and run the below command
        CHANGE_ACCESS_PASSWORD <Symbolic Id>  <New Access Password>

        Symbolic id : eg. SYSADM1 in Oracle aand sa1 in oracle

Method 2: Change using Application Designer
        Go to Application Designer > Tools > Miscellaneous Objects > Access Profile
        Choose the Symbolic ID
        Enter Old Password , New Password and Confirm the New Password

Method 3: Changing Access Password from Database
        Login into Data Mover in bootstrap mode and run the below SQL
        Update PSACCESSPRFL set ACCESSID = '<Access Id>', ACCESSPSWD = '<New Access Password>' , ENCRYPTED = 0,
        where SYMBOLICID = '<Symbolic Id>';
        Then Run

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