Monday, 5 April 2010

How to find number, and user for failed login attepts in PeopleSoft

In log file APPSRV_MMDD.LOG (located in <PS_HOME>/appserv/<DOMAIN_NAME>/logs, note each successful or failed login attempt. 
See example below:
PSAPPSRV.3644 (21) [03/26/08 09:43:38 GetCertificate](3) PeopleSoft ID and Password authentication failed. Invalid password for user
PSAPPSRV.3644 (21) [03/26/08 09:43:38 GetCertificate](1) (NET.502): is an Invalid User ID, or typed the wrong password.  User ID and Password are required and case-sensitive.  Make sure typing in the correct upper and lower case.

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